Google as Cable TV provider – Google Fiber

You might wonder but it is true, Google has officially announced its Gigabit internet and HD Internet TV service on 26th of July this year. But initially it will be limited to Kansas City in United States. According to Google its internet services will be 100 times faster than what US citizens are getting today. Kansas was chosen as a result of a poll Google took from 1100 cities about its new service called Google Fiber.

Huge list of TV Channels to offer is listed at Google Fiber’s page. There are three plans currently being offered.

  1. Gigabit Internet +TV costs $120/mo
  2. Only Gigabit Internet costs $70/mo
  3. Free Internet: It is although free but initially consumers would have to pay $300 construction fee one time or $25/month.  Also the speed would be 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.

Along with the paid packages, you get Google drive to store 5GB of free data. Interesting point is the 5 Mbps free internet that can swipe away many internet service providers in future. Consumers would be able to record about 500 hours of live HD videos. If you live in Kansas you can register before 9th September by visiting This registration includes $10 fee. Google Fiber service will be installed at locations based on the interest of people.  So after 9th September those areas where this service interest would be higher will get it soon afterwards.

Fiberhood is a term that Google uses to identify Google Fiber’s community. Google plans to install its service where there is more interest meaning that more people pre-register. Google will announce the results of pre-registration goals for each fiberhood after September 9th. Along with the leadership of internet search Google might take hold of another field and that is how people will physically get to the internet and will impact on the eCommerce business.


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